PRISM PTT+ empowers emergency services and field maintenance personnel to work safer and more effectively by seamlessly routing between diverse terrestrial and satellite networks.

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PRISM PTT+ delivers unrivaled voice and data communications coverage by automatically switching between available terrestrial (2G/3G/LTE) and satellite networks. The network agnostic solution ensures redundancy through intelligent voice and data routing, with no reduction in audio quality or interruption to data transfer.

Leveraging our powerful technology called PRISM (Private Routing & Intelligent System Management) - which creates a robust and redundant IP network between all connected devices - PRISM PTT+ reduces infrastructure cost and ensures availability of voice and data communication in even the most remote areas.

PRISM PTT+ integrates cost-effectively to LMR/DMR (Land Mobile Radio, Digital Mobile Radio) trunk radio systems and its interoperable, voice-over-IP technology is optimized for use over very diverse network types. By bridging legacy radio networks of various sorts with LTE and satellite network infrastructures, PRISM PTT+ combines the best of both worlds; protects investments already done in legacy radio networks while at the same time facilitating the transition to LTE. 


PRISM PTT+ is particularly valuable where constant coverage from anywhere in the world, however remote and whatever the application, is imperative. This includes public safety agencies, e.g. emergency first responders, fire and police units, as well as utility services (gas, water, electricity, transportation and telecommunications), which require real-time, mission-critical data and uninterrupted communication for safety and operational efficiency.

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