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Cobham to Launch New Satellite-Optimized Portable GSM/3G/LTE Product Range

Cobham is taking direct aim at the growing market for rapidly deployable mobile cellular communications with the release of Cobham SATCOM's new "EXPLORER Mobile Net" system.

EXPLORER Mobile-NetLondon, UK - Cobham is taking direct aim at the growing market for rapidly deployable mobile cellular communications with the release of Cobham SATCOM's new "EXPLORER Mobile Net" system. Available in GSM, 3G or LTE variants, the EXPLORER Mobile Net provides an ultra-portable solution for instantly powering a coverage area of up to seven kilometers for mobile phones and smart devices within just a few minutes. The tactical single-case cellular network solution allows people to stay in touch under the most challenging and demanding conditions by providing instant local communications without backhaul, as well as enabling global interoperable voice, video and data communications when paired with one of Cobham's EXPLORER BGAN or VSAT satellite terminals.


EXPLORER Mobile Net systems leverage the NETSeries smart edge software from SiRRAN Communications and Cobham's state-of-the-art satellite terminals to produce a rugged, reliable and practical approach to remote networking. Remote coverage areas powered by Mobile Net can accommodate hundreds of concurrent device registrations and up to 32 simultaneous user sessions, with a range of options and accessories to maximize efficiency in any environment, all packed into an airline carry-on size rugged case for quick deployment on land, at sea or in the air. Within a single kit, Mobile Net operates up to two Picocells simultaneously, plus WiFi for maximum versatility. Users may deploy one, or any two, of the supported cellular frequency options. No other solution on the market today can offer the same range, features and functionality in such a cost-effective manner.


GSM options allow for the greatest range, and a simple connection to a BGAN or MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) terminal enables devices to interconnect for global roaming using just 128 Kbps of data. 3G and LTE solutions can provide solutions ranging from 1 to 75 Mbps depending on application and availability of backhaul. Importantly, the system's data throughput can be intelligently throttled back to ensure affordable transmission of key data over a wide area network, or optimized for full-service local network sharing of data and applications by teams on the ground.


Walther Thygesen, Cobham SATCOM vice president, said: "Mobile, or 'cellular,' networks is an important driver of satellite services and the advent of higher bandwidth solutions and smart devices is opening new market opportunities. Cobham's release of this portable, flexible and powerful new range marries these new bandwidth-friendly 'mobile' attributes to our satellite terminal offerings, and allows our customers to benefit fully from both."


Dean Parsons, CEO SiRRAN Communications, said: "SiRRAN is pleased to partner with Cobham SATCOM, the leader in mobile satellite terminals. EXPLORER Mobile Net creates a natural extension of mobile carrier-grade capabilities into the satellite-optimized wireless markets for the military, first responder and disaster recovery operations, and news gathering and commercial markets where remote instant coverage can be deployed at sporting and other events."


About Cobham

Cobham protects lives and livelihoods with its differentiated technology and know-how, operating with a deep insight to customer needs and agility. The Group offers an innovative range of technologies and services to solve challenging problems across commercial, defence and security markets, from deep space to the depths of the ocean. It has market leading positions in air-to-air refuelling; aviation services; audio, video and data communications, including satellite communications; defence electronics; life support and mission equipment. The most important thing Cobham builds is trust.


About Cobham SATCOM

Cobham SATCOM develops, manufactures, sells and supports satellite and radio communication terminals and earth stations for land, marine and airborne applications. With the ever increasing demand for communication, our products and services are used to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of commercial, governmental and recreational applications.


Cobham SATCOM uses state-of-the-art technologies to design affordable, highly reliable high performance systems that have decreased over time in terms of size, weight and power consumption. Our products enable people to stay in touch under the most challenging and demanding conditions. When traditional communication technologies fail, Cobham SATCOM's products will keep providing our customers with high quality voice, data, and multimedia communications.


Our product designs have evolved tremendously during their decades in service in use around the world in a variety of domains and environments. We market under the AVIATOR, EXPLORER, SAILOR® and Sea Tel brands. Please refer to our websites for our list of global distributors and partners. Cobham SATCOM has design, development and manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Norway, South Africa and the USA.


About SiRRAN

SiRRAN is a unique telecommunications company in the development, manufacturing and deployment of secure and tactical carrier-class mobile solutions, wireless unified communications infrastructure and innovative secure IP-based mobile voice and data applications, including the exclusive Secure Mobile global encrypted service with patented "Always Secure Calling" hybrid call technology. As a leading telecommunications software provider, SiRRAN's secure voice communications products and software solutions are successfully deployed within commercial, military, first responder and government entities worldwide.


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