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Fleet Xpress, Inmarsat's new hybrid Ka-band/L-band service, will redefine what's possible in maritime communications - offering consistent communications from a single operator. The high throughput GX satellites operate on Ka-band, the high redundancy and mature FleetBroadband satellites operate on L-band. The SAILOR user terminals have been the de-facto standard for maritime Inmarsat services for decades. In order to obtain the complete Fleet Xpress service you need one SAILOR GX, one SAILOR FleetBroadband user terminal, a network service device and system integration from your service provider.

The three Global Xpress satellites have been launched into orbit between 2013 and 2015 and commercial services for Fleet Xpress are available from Inmarsat.

Offering consistent communications from a single operator, Fleet Xpress will make video conferencing a viable proposition for remote assistance and diagnostics, and enable advanced applications such as telemedicine and video surveillance that take your operational efficiency to the next level.

Your crew are kept happy with regular video calls back home, the possibility to watch sport and the news, shop online and use social media - via their smartphones, tablets and laptops.


Exclusive access to specialist applications

Besides more bandwidth, Fleet Xpress gives you exclusive access to specialist maritime applications and content. Download the latest chart updates, integrate engine monitoring and transfer high resolution data for weather-routing applications, all from a centralised source. And distribute real-time information to all the vessels in your fleet simultaneously.

Fleet Xpress is setting a new standard in maritime communications from Inmarsat, a trusted supplier that's been serving the maritime community for over 35 years. Combined with Cobham SATCOM's top quality SAILOR equipment and our worldwide service and support this becomes the most compelling solution for your vessels.

Seamless mobility across the globe

Whatever your course, Fleet Xpress will have you covered with a global network that's owned and managed solely by Inmarsat. Purposely designed for mobility, it will provide a continuous, consistent service as traffic is handed seamlessly across each spot beam and from one satellite to another.

Simpler and quicker to install

The SAILOR equipment for Inmarsat Fleet Xpress is simpler and quicker to install than other systems, minimising any downtime in the dock for your vessels and saving cost and time.

There's the option of a smaller SAILOR 60 GX that doesn't require a crane for installation, and the set-up for all terminals is just as simple as it is today for SAILOR FleetBroadband. The global, all-IP Inmarsat network will enable point-and-click capability with a consistent user experience worldwide.

More affordable high-speed broadband

The SAILOR GX terminals for the Fleet Xpress service are quicker to install and easier to operate than others, and services will be available for a fixed monthly fee so you can easily manage your budget.

Global Xpress operates in the Ka-band, which is already more efficient in its use of bandwidth, but because Inmarsat use their own satellites and ground network and manage the entire global network themselves. Inmarsat can make more effective use of satellite resources to achieve significant cost savings. Combined with the resilience of the FleetBroadband L-band network, which delivers 99.9 per cent overall network availability, the net result is more affordable, more reliable high-speed broadband.


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