Worldwide partner network to address all issues quickly and reliably for all SAILOR and Sea Tel branded products.

A comprehensive service solution to ensure uninterupted operations


At Cobham SATCOM we know that communication is crucial to your industry. For safety, resilience, efficiency and productivity reasons it cannot be hindered, and malfunction of equipment cannot be tolerated. We have a long history of reliability and world-class service and offer you a service solution that satisfies even your most demanding needs.

Our Global Service Solution consists of several different elements that enable us to service your maritime communications equipment - whether radio or satellite based - to the highest standards.


24-7 Self Service Center / Technical Downloads

Cobham SYNC is an online tool which gives end-users access to Manuals as well as Software Updates and Technical Notifications. Downloads


Find a Technical Service Partner/Certified Service Centre

Our worldwide partner network offers you a complete range of service and support, and addresses all issues quickly and reliably for all SAILOR and Sea Tel products. Whatever happens, your business will not suffer.

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The Sales Network (see Where to Buy list)

Your first point of contact is where you bought your product. The global network of partners and dealers, ready to service you or assist you in finding the right service/support solution for you virtually anywhere in the world. Find out more 


Technical Service Partner (see Get Service list)

Extended service commitment and ready to assist irrespective who sold the product. Find out more Link to the “Where to get service” page
The Get Service list contains following service company categories:

Certified Service Center
A CSC service partner is 100% committed to the Cobham SATCOM service policies; stock all spare parts in accordance with Cobham SATCOM’s mandatory parts list; employ trained and experienced engineers and technicians for the product groups which the company is listed at CSC level. A 95% first time fix rate can be expected even when service is arranged on short notice. Find out more 

Technical Service Partner - BASIC
A BASIC service partner is also fully committed to the Cobham SATCOM service policies, while spare part inventory is usually limited to the high runners. An 80% first time fix rate can be expected when service is arranged with a 4-day notice (allowing delivery of relevant spares). Find out more 

Private Label
A number of companies with presence in larger regions or globally - with recognized brands in the service industry - have signed strategic service agreements with Cobham SATCOM. These companies are listed as Private Label on the Get Service list. They service the Cobham SATCOM products in accordance with their service policies, and their renowned brands and brand values guarantee the service quality. In order to differentiate the capabilities of Private Label service companies’ entities, those equivalent to a BASIC service partner are listed as Local Branch.

Further details on each of the Private Label companies’ service policies can be found via the link under the contact details in the Get Service list for the Private Label/Local Branch entity. Find out more


Extended Warranty and Premium Coverage

From standard to flexible warranty terms and service agreements, to suit your needs. Ccontact your partner or dealer to get a tailored solution that suits your needs. Find out more


SAILOR Customer Protection Plan

Low-cost replacement of products in need of repair when the warranty peroid has expired.



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